Golf Grip and Golf Swing

Golf Grip and Golf Swing

Once you have your golf stance down the next two best practices we like to focus on your golf grip and Swing.

When gripping your club you should always put your dominate hand in front of your other hand on the club grip. If you are right handed that means your left hand will be closer to your body making a thumb's up position on the club. Your other hand in this case your right hand will repeat further down the club with your thumb in your palm. See our picture as an example.

Once you have your grip you can move onto focusing on your swing. Most people rotate in their shoulders when starting thinking that their arms do most of the work. But, this is incorrect the majority of your power comes from rotating in your hips. If you find you are lacking distance on your golf ball hits then find a friend to watch and make sure you are not using your upper body too much and leaving your hips behind.

After a long day either at the driving range or on the golf course when you start to get tired or frustrated just remember knock back a couple of cold brews, relax, and remember you are outside and not at work!


Picture is from another site we enjoy to get information from.

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